Know Before You Go

Camping Fees

Single site is $18 per night, this includes 1 vehicle.  Extra vehicles are $18 each, per night.

Double sites are $36 per night, this includes 2 vehicles.  Extra vehicles are $18 each, per night.

Triple sites are $54 per night, this includes 3 vehicles.  Extra vehicles are $18 each, per night .

  • The onsite Host will collect camping fees and issue permits, CASH ONLY
  • Camping fees are non-transferable
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult
  • Maximum stay of 14 consecutive days

General Rules

Check Out time is  12:00 noon, Check In time is  2:00 pm

  • Garbage cans are for Food Waste Only,  Pack it in – Pack it out.  This means that you must pack out all your garbage except food waste and toiletries.  These items only can be deposited in the bear proof garbage bin located near the Host site.
  • Quiet Time is 10:00 pm to 8:00 am (All music and generators must be off)
  • Be respectful of others. Keep noise and generators to a minimum at ALL times.
  • All Unpaid Guests (visitors) must vacate before 9:30 pm
  • Maximum Speed is 10 km/hr
  • Helmets must be worn when operating or as a passenger of a bicycle or ORV.  Off road vehicles must be driven by a licensed operator and have insurance.
  • Consumption of alcohol is permitted within your designated campsite only and prohibited in all day use and common areas this includes the water front.
  • Max campfire size is 19” x 19”.  Do not damage or cut our trees. This is includes placing nails in trees and cutting or burning deadfall.  You cannot burn painted wood, treated wood, plywood, pallets or wood with nails in it.  Leave your giant rounds at home, you cannot split them and then the Host has to deal with it.
  • Attend your campfire at all times. If you are not sitting beside your campfire, it must be cool to the touch. This includes when you go for a walk, go to bed and when you vacate your campsite.

Persons found leaving unattended campfires will be banned from our campgrounds

  • Do not move fire rings or picnic tables
  • Keep our campground natural.  Please do not paint on rocks, trees or picnic tables
  • Pets are allowed, they must be leashed, well behaved, not loud, under control at all times and in close proximity to their owners or their campsite.   Owners are responsible for their pets and their pets behavior. You must clean up after your pet.
  • Do not discharge fireworks, firearms, bows, crossbows, bb guns, air-soft guns, pellet guns, sling shots or set traps.
  • You cannot hold campsites.  Erecting a tent or leaving a trailer unattended overnight is not permitted.  You cannot go up and pay the Host for a site and then leave, once a camping permit is issued you must be at the site camping.  You cannot come up before work and drop off your stuff and then come back later to go camping.

First Come First Served is exactly that – for people showing up to go camping, not showing up and then leaving right away to reserve a spot

  • If you remove your camping unit, the site is considered vacated and any remaining camping days will be void.
  • All vehicles camping on site require a camping permit.  Extra vehicles are $18 per night.
  • No overnight parking without a current, paid camping permit this includes all parking lots.

Violation of any of the above rules may result in a charge and/or order to vacate under the authority of the Forest and Range Practices Act.

Three Night Minimum

Long Weekends – 3 Night Minimum charge applies on all long weekends. (See FAQ)

Site Services

Our Campgrounds are considered “rustic dry camping”

There is no cellular service, no power, no potable water, no showers or flush toilets &  no garbage removal service.

Bear proof garbage bins for disposal of food waste are located near the Host site.  Pit toilets are located throughout the campgrounds.

Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

At managed camping sites where fees are collected, discounts of 50% off the regular camping fee are available to seniors and persons with disabilities. A person can only claim for a maximum of one type of discount. Discounts are available to those that meet the criteria below.

  • NO DISCOUNTS will be offered on Double Sites, Triple Sites, Group Sites or any Reservations.
  • Discounts are available on First Come, First Serve Regular Single Sites Only
  • 50% off available to BC Resident Seniors age 65+ and Persons with Disabilities

Persons 65 years of age or older AND a resident of BC, can receive a senior’s discount. The discount only applies to the senior and his/her spouse. To receive the discount, please show one piece of picture ID verifying age (i.e. drivers license) to the campsite operator.


Persons with disabilities can receive a disability discount. You must be designated as a Person with Disabilities under the BC Employment and Assistance Program, or have a child who is eligible for the At Home Program to qualify for the reduced rate.

To receive the discount, please show one piece of picture ID (i.e. driver’s license) and one of the following to the campsite operator (please note all forms must be dated for the current year and must be an original copy not a photocopy):

  • Release of Information form issued by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development. This form may be obtained by contacting your local Employment and Assistance Centre.
  • A letter of eligibility issued by the Ministry of Children and Family Development stating that your child is eligible for the At Home Program.
  • must be a resident of BC


We accept reservations for Cascade Peninsula and Bear Creek.  We do not take reservations for Cogburn Beach.  Click here for Reservations

Reserved sites must be occupied, starting on the arrival date.  If no one is occupying your reserved site it will be forfeited at 10pm of your arrival date.  You cannot just setup a tent or park a trailer and then come back days later.  Sites must be occupied by an adult the entire duration of the reservation.

When making a reservation the 30 days prior to arrival applies to your check-in date only.  Campers can enjoy their stay for a maximum of 14 days.

Fire Ban

For fire ban information on  please see:

Stoves and Campfires (pdf, 623K

If you have a fire during a fire ban, you will be fined by the fire warden or police, evicted and be permanently banned from the campsite.

For general inquires regarding Forest Recreation Sites please see: